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Sadara Isocyanates Storage Tanks
2 No. of Tanks for toxic iscocyanate
Saudi Arabic
A special stainless steel structure specified in ASTM 240 type 304L, 304 and 306L had been fabricated, supplied upon the Clients' 3rd party inspection on be half of the Aramco/Daw Chemical & Daelim indusries Co., Ltd.
Kyungjeon Railway Bridge/Temp.
7.8mW x 48.7mL(하로주행 판형)
Kyungnam Prov.
Construction of Detouring Railway Bridge. Workscopes include detail engineering, material procurement, fabrication & shop assembly, piling work(bent), and dismantle & buy back after 2.5 years used. Subcontracted by HDEC(Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.)
800MW Combined Cycle Power Plant
3,215 Metric ton
Sunchun, Chunam Prov.
A project for steel structure, matal deck and miscellaneous steel for a 800MW combined cycle power plant completed recently. The project includes about 3,000 metric tons of steel structure fabrication and erection work for a main turbine building and several auxiliary buildings.
New Kori nuclear power plant unit #3 & 4
28,700 metric ton
Kori, Kyungnam, Korea
A super steel structure for new Kori nuclear power plant unit #3 & 4 has been completed. Totally 28,700 metric ton of steel structure which include two(2) reactor control buildings, two(2) turbine generator buildings, two(2) auxiliary buildings and one(1)compound processing building, etc. installed, and inspected by the Client.
New Kori nuclear power plant unit#4
2,480 metric ton
Kori, Kyungnam, Korea
A miscellaneous exposed steel structure for new power plant unit#4(APR-1400) has been completed as scheduled on Oct.31, 2012. The items(both Q-class & non Q-class) which included in the scope of work are 1) workway platforms 2) Hhandrails 3) Ladders, stairs 4) checkered plates 5) supports 6) individual beams 7) steel gratings 8) MCR ceiling, etc.
Welfare Facilities in Hyundai Steel & Mill Co.
B1~4th(3,800 sq.m)
Dangjin/Hyundai Steel & Mill Co.
Fabrication & Erection of Steel Structure, Metal Deck Plate Work & Fire-proofing Work included.
Topping Ceremony for a Roof Truss
7,200 M.tons
New Kori Nuclea
Ceremony performed on December 21, 2010.
Central Control Building
4 th Storey
Ulju, Ulsan, Ko
Structures for 4 stories central control
building for 2 units of 1,400MW nuclear
power plant(Sin-gori #3,4)has been
awared to SSTECO as the special
contractor by General contractor,
Kyungnam Enterprises Co., Ltd. upon
approval of Korea Hydro & Nuclear
Power Co., Ltd.(KHNP).The project
includes material procurement, detail
design, fabrication and erection of
structural steels and pre-cast
concrete beams as well.
New Gori #3,4 Nuclear Power Plant(APR-1400)
2 unit@1,400 MW
Gori, Kyungnam,
The project includes 24,205 metric ton
of steel structure and 98,500 square
meter of steel deck plate for 2
unit@1,400 MW Reactor Control
Building, Turbine Generator Building
and Auxiliary Buildings complied with
relevant ASTM, AISC etc . The project
is estimated to be completed within 30
Hyundai Oil Bank Refinery Project
#3 GHT Piperack & Equipment Structure
Daesan, Seosan,
Fabrication & Erection of #3 GHT
Piperack & Equipment Structure for
Clean Fuels Processing Project in
Daesan Refinery Factory.